The Ukrainian fashion brand FINCH accuses Pull&Bear of plagiarism

The Ukrainian brand FINCH accuses Pull & Bear in plagiarism.<br>In mid-May a series of Pull&Bear T-shirts came in with a copy of the gymnasts print designed for FINCH. The products are still in the Ukrainian stores.

<p>The Ukrainian brand <a href="">FINCH</a> accuses Pull & Bear in plagiarism.<br />In in mid-May a series of Pull&Bear T-shirts came in with a copy of the <strong>gymnasts print</strong> designed for FINCH. The products are still in the Ukrainian stores.</p> <p>FINCH spring-summer 2017 collection, based on the original print and its color variations, was released in September 2016 during the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. The artist Nana Biakova is the print's author.</p> <p>FINCH originals went on sale once FINCH opened its corner on the 4th floor of TSUM Kiev in December 2016, and the last summer pieces were delivered at the end of April 2017.</p> <p>The Pull & Bear print has additional elements, but the FINCH designers have no doubts on its original source.<br /> <br />"Adding details is not enough to hide plagiarism. The print and its color variations used in our models are the intellectual property of the artist, FINCH has the exclusive rights to use them," — says one of the FINCH designers Kateryna Biakova, — "Working for several years in fashion, I regretfully state that the well-known design houses (and in those cases the design requirements are much higher of course than for the mass market representatives) don't hesitate to copy small brands, probably believing it causes less problems. One of the reasons why I do not share the passion for references in the fashion environment is that the line between inspiration and theft can prove to be way too thin. <br />It does not surprise me that we are copied. Copies indicate the success and high potential of our ideas, basically it means that FINCH is in the right way. The product, in which our idea is integrated, in this case — a T-shirt with a print, can hardly compete with the original material, printing and tailoring quality, it has a completely different segment. But still, it's an outrageous fact of dishonesty on the part of P&B. We will lobby for withdrawal of the consignment with copies of our print out from the market."</p> <p>Actually this is not the first copy for FINCH. In 2016, the Russian designer <a href="">Ulyana Sergeenko</a> presented a briefcase with built-in tablets in the scope of the Paris fashion week, the inspiration of which FINCH designers consider the <a href="">TechPack backpack</a> with a tablet, automatic inner illumination and charger, created in collaboration with Bright Inside brand two years ago for the 2016 spring-summer collection.</p>


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